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Posted by Admin on September, 29, 2022

Aerial bundled cable or ABC is an innovative concept for overhead power distribution. AB cable provides higher safety and reliability compared to the conventional care conductor OH distribution system.

Lower power losses, stability in voltage regulation, and ultimate system economy by eliminating installation, maintenance, and operation cost. It is a very unique technology. You can search online portals for detailed information.

The Uniqueness of AB Cable

Aerial bundled cables or ABC is a contemporary concept for overhead power distribution. Compared to the conventional bare conductor OH distribution system, ABC provides higher safety and reliability, easy & safe installation for difficult terrain, reduction in distribution losses, and ultimate system economy.

This contrasts with the traditional use of uninsulated conductors separated by air gaps. This variation of bundled conductors utilises the same principles as overhead power lines, except they are closer. It is very unique and modern technology.

Types of Aerial Bunched Cable Fittings

The different types of aerial bunched cable fittings or AB cable accessories are as follows-

• Suspension clamp

• Anchoring clamp-neutral messenger

• Anchoring clamp-self supporting type

• Dead-end clamp-neutral messenger

• Dead-end clamp-self supporting type

• Dead-end clamp-bolted type

• Tension clamp-neutral messenger

• Tension clamp-self supporting type

• Service clamp-anchoring

• Bracket-suspension

• Bracket-anchoring

• Bracket-universal anchoring

Essential AB bunched cable clamp features

The essential AB cable accessories and fittings are as follows-

• The clamp body is made of high-grade UV stabilised or UV resistant thermoplastic or aluminium alloy.

• Suspension clamps can be supplied with full assembly, including suspension brackets, pole brackets, SS straps, eye bolts, eye hooks, pigtail hooks etc.

• It is available in a variety of strength ratings and grades. Buyers choose AB cable as per their requirements.

• Design and size can be modified and manufactured per customer requirements and usage.

• AB cables are highly reliable, and the installation is very easy. There is no risk in working on a live cable, and the insulation reduces the number of short circuits.

Advantages of AB Cable Accessories

The essential advantages of using AB cable accessories are as follows-

1. External forces cause relative immunity to short circuits unless they abrade the insulation.

2. It can stand near trees and will not generate sparks if touched.

3. Little to no tree trimming is necessary.

4. Ease of erection and stringing, less labour-intensive, fewer construction resources needed. It is aesthetically important also.

5. At junction poles, insulating bridging wires are needed to connect non-insulated wires on either side. It is very unique and extraordinary technology.

6. Less risk of a neutral-only break from tree or vehicle damage, increasing safety with TNC-s systems.

7. It has significantly improved safety for line persons, particularly when working on live conductors.

8. Electricity theft is performed difficult and more obvious to identify.

From the above information, you can understand the usefulness of choosing the best AB cable accessories manufacturer for the ultimate benefits of the AB cable. You can search online to find the best manufacture.

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