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Guy Grip Dead Ends

The Guy Grip Dead End is recommended for stay strand termination on wood pole construction. The fitting is suitable for stay rod, stay insulator and pole top attachment. Designed for termination of stays up to 27 meters in length.


Big Grip Dead Ends

The Big Grip Dead End is recommended for stay terminations on antenna towers and other types of heavy-duty construction. Designed to terminate stays exceeding 27meters in length. Big Grip Dead Ends must be used with a stay rod eye or a thimble, which must have smooth contours and a diameter and groove adequate to support the fitting�s loop area.


Line Splices

The Line Splice is recommended for joining of stay strand, joining stay strand to a Pole Top Make Off to achieve the correct distance from pole top to stay insulator or to create earthed stay.


Pole Top Make Off

The Pole Top Make Off is designed to wrap around the pole top to facilitate termination of stay strand. They can be supplied in various diameters and lengths. When legs wrapped together, form into a stranding, compatible with the most commonly used stay wire.


Insulator Link Assembly

The Insulator Link Assembly is a fitting designed to link two insulators in series in de-earthed distribution construction. For use with commonly used 11kv and 33kv stay insulators, connected to the stay stand at each side with Guy Grip Dead Ends, where a holding strength not in excess of 11,350kgs is required.


Guy Guard

The Guy Guard is designed to clearly mark stays situated in vulnerable positions, from outside interference (hedgerows, fields, car parks, pavements etc.). Manufactured in bright yellow, rigid Polyurethane, 1.8meters long. Smooth contour also deters cattle rubbing when applied to stays situated in fields.


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